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The Vasquez Family


All profits from our beanie sales are donated to the Vasquez family.

Meet the Vasquez family. They are a young couple in their 20’s who are just starting out in life.  Enrique and Kelsey, Olivia, 4 and Eli, 10 months. Little Eli has just recently been diagnosed with MPS1, a rare genetic disease that breaks down your bones, organs and brain. He has the most severe form of MPS1, which is known as Hurlers syndrome. The life expectancy untreated is less than 10 years.  They will be spending up to 6 months here at the University of Minnesota medical center, where he will receive enzyme effusion and a bone marrow transplant that will allow for, if successful, a longer and better quality of life! The road ahead is long, and the costs are going to be astronomical! If you find it in your heart to help, please do! And thank you! If you can’t help, please pray and share this. God hears our prayers and can work miracles in our efforts to help Little Eli!