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  To some people, football is a game of heartbreaks. To others, it is “the beautiful game”. Depending on one’s past experience, a person has every right to their own opinion. Among the heartbreaks and the beauty, to Spam Football Club (Spam FC), football is a game that is very giving.

Since 1998, it has cultivated an environment for children from different walks of life to come together to learn, play, and establish lifelong relationships. It has provided these young Spam FC players an understanding of what it means to build an inclusive and equitable community and that a droplet of kindness and generosity can create a ripple effect of positivity across their expanding network.

In 2014, Spam FC started a Scholarship Foundation to help students who have been positively impacted by soccer pay for college. Since their first street soccer tournament, Spam FC Scholarship Foundation has donated more than $70,000 to more than 60 students who are pursuing their higher education degree.

This collaboration between Spam FC and Opinion Clothing is a no-brainer. This is another example of football creating a platform and space to give back, as 100% of the proceeds from the hats and hoodies will go to helping students pay for college in 2021.