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Opinion Clothing Minneapolis Streetwear Polka Dot Polo
Opinion Clothing Minneapolis Streetwear Polka Dot Polo
Opinion Clothing Minneapolis Streetwear Polka Dot Polo
Opinion Clothing Minneapolis Streetwear Polka Dot Polo

Polka Dot Polo

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A polo that is bound to shave some strokes off your game. If not, you at least look good doing it. This material is stretchy and highly breathable polyester, perfect for when it gets hot out on the course. Wear it golfing, or out on the town, either way, you're going to look good.


100% Polyester

Washing Instructions:

Machine wash inside out on a cold delicate cycle

Hang dry only

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ben H
Just what I needed

Great fit, breathable shirt with a collar that holds it shape. My new favorite shirt. Thank you!

Thanks for the review Ben! So happy you noticed the breathability, we worked hard on finding the right fabric for that!

Justin Bassett
Too small

Brotha this is a 2xl I cannot fit that shirt at all lol

Appreciate the review, we are working on the larger sizing so that they fit more accurately.

My Favorite Golf Polo

I have always loved the detail and quality of Opinion Clothing products, but this golf shirt is like nothing else. The material and fit are absolutely perfect! It is extremely breathable on those hot golfing days and I have received several compliments for it.

I cannot speak highly enough on this product and all that Opinion Clothing has to offer!

Some say it takes a couple strokes off your round! No promises though. Thanks for the review!

Absolute Perfection

Let me tell you, this shirt is dope, both spiritually and emotionally.

From the way that it hugs your waist at the bottom then reaches up the abdomen to caress the chest, all before resting ever so smoothly on the shoulders. As an extra touch of love, it’s even got a couple of beautiful sleeves that just wrap around the biceps for that sweet sweet feeling of “I’ve got sleeves, but not too much sleeves.”

Now, to talk about the style, which is a beast in and of itself, to explain I’ll tell a story. I walked through the mall wearing this shirt last week. Later that day, 47 women were admitted to the local hospital for whiplash, all coming from that same mall. The end.

Are you feeling it now? I sure hope so.

Luchos you're the man! Best review ever.