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How do I get my Instagram Photos and Models

There is a question that I get all the time, and that is “are you friends all the models, and how did you get them to model for you”, and in this blog I’m going to answer that. When I started Opinion, I had no idea how to get people to model for a company that was just starting. A friend of mine told me to go to a Facebook group called Midwest Photographer & Model Collaboration. So I sent in my request to become a part of the group and was admitted within the hour. I then went on and posted that I had recently started a clothing company and wanted to collab with photographers and models. I was...

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What I Haven't Been Telling You

If you have been following Opinion for a while, I have mentioned how my goal was to be as transparent as possible with whoever is following me on this journey. Today I want to talk about a couple things that I haven’t been hiding, I’ve just never posted about it publicly. The first thing I would like to address is that this is not my full time job. I guess I never even thought of bringing this up, but I have a full-time job at a company called Skol Marketing, where I am a Social Media Coordinator. I work there from 9-4 and then come home and work on Opinion with any other time that I have. Sometimes I come...

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Setting New Goals

Today I watched the newest video that was put up on Yes Theory's channel, and it was titled, "Deleting Social Media For 30 Days".  Though I'm not deleting social media for 30 days, because that's how I do my job, the video inspired me to start setting some new goals and try new things. I turned on something called screen time on my phone, which tracks that amount of time that you spend on your phone and certain social media platforms. I have never heard of this, and to be honest, I am glad because I think I would be ashamed of how much time I spend on social media. I want to try to use my spare time to do more...

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The Beginning Of Opinion

Today Feburary 10, 2018 is the day that I'm officially deciding to start my own clothing company. I have never done this, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm so ready to learn. My company will be called opinion clothing. I am someone who thinks that everyone on this earth has their own opinion, and it deserves to be heard. Too many people are so quick to judge someone and never even take the time to really listen to their point of view. This clothing is a chance for you to wear something and feel not only comfortable wearing it but comfortable being the person you are as well. I am currently working on a website that will be a...

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This morning I was thinking about all the people that I have met since I started Opinion. I have been connecting with people who understand what my goals and vision for Opinion is, and it's awesome to see. I also have been learning things I need to improve on and things I need to learn even more about. I also realized that I need to start to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting people. It's so easy to meet people over Instagram and social media, but I need to meet people face to face, which is something that gives me some anxiety, but I need to suck it up, because part of this journey is learning...

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