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Why We Chose To Collaborate With SPAM FC

I have learned to pick and choose carefully who Opinion collaborates with, because whoever I collab with, that name will forever be tied to opinion, and I want to be proud of that. Collaborating with SPAM FC was such and easy decision, here’s a little background story of why.

Soccer was not a sport that I played my entire life. I played soccer super young (like a lot of us did) then stopped playing once I went into elementary school. I don’t know what sparked my interest, but in 7th grade I decided to play traveling soccer. Even though I was complete ass, I remember staying up late every night just watching Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldinho, and more players highlights on YouTube and I fell in love with the game. I ended up playing from 7th grade all the way until 12th grade. I made some of my best friends and greatest memories playing soccer. 

I was never super good at soccer, so I ended up playing JV in high school, but I remember loving soccer the most when Van was my coach. Van was in college when he was coaching us, so I remember we could joke around with him, play hard, and asks questions about what college was like, and that really made a difference. Van was the best coach I had by far and he is what made me love soccer even more than I already did. 

I knew about SPAM and the amazing things they were doing to help kids out financially for college, so when Van hit me up to do a collab, it was an absolute no brainer. Going to college is such an amazing experience, and I hate that money is the deciding factor that doesn’t allow a lot of people the chance to go to college. If someone puts in the hard work and dedication to go to college, we need to use our platform to help them out and show them that hard work does pay off and even if told that you aren’t able to go to college, that their are people who think differently and are here to help.

Super happy how this fundraiser is going so far but I want everything to be sold out. You can get your gear here at