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What else do I do to make money other than Opinion.

Opinion is, and always will be my main focus, but it is not at the place where it can keep me financially sound and cover my bills, so I have been taking part-time jobs and doing other things on the side so that I can still do opinion but also pay my bills. I thought I would share what it is I do and hopefully give out some tips that could help other people in my position.
Last year I was lucky enough to join a team of guys that paint houses during the summer. I had no painting experience but slowly learned that I really really enjoy it. You’re outside, you're sweating, and it pays pretty well! While I’m painting I usually am thinking about ideas for the next couple drops, what social media posts I can do, and what TikTok's I could come up with. I really enjoy getting into a mode of painting and planning Opinion at the same time.
Pokemon and Sports Cards
About a year ago I got into Pokemon cards when Logan Paul, Logic, and many more musicians, athletes, and influencers got back into the nostalgic game. I found out there’s a lot of room to make money on the cards, you just have to know the right places to look and the right people to ask. I’m still super new to it, but I love the search and the adrenaline I get when I have a card that could possibly be worth some money.
Third Degree Heat
I worked at Third Degree Heat this winter because I wanted to learn more about who my potential customers could be. Third Degree Heat sells hype shoes, and clothes that are usually sold out online. Nike, Bape, Supreme, Anti Social Social Club, etc. I wanted to get a feel for the streetwear community and who were the faces behind the sales. I learned a ton from this job, what style sells, what gender likes certain brands and many more little things I picked out from working there that I could put towards Opinion.
Print Shop
I worked at Supply Clothing towards the end of winter until about a week ago. With this job I wanted to see what goes into actually making a custom piece. I learned about the different ways a logo can be printed onto a garment. I learned how much work it is to customize just one piece of clothing, and then doing that over and over again to make a bulk order. I learned about the process of ordering the clothes, prepping the screens for screen printing, and then actually printing the design onto the garment. It was super cool to see the behind-the-scenes and know what goes into making an idea come to life.
Find Free Stuff on Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor
This is something I recently found out about. Facebook Marketplace has a section of free items and a ton of them you can sell for some good money, the people just don’t want to spend the time trying to get it sold. You can find things like kitchen appliances, couches, video games, and tons of other stuff. It takes some patience to come across something really good but hey, that’s the best part, the suspense of not knowing if you will see something that has a lot of value to it.