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We Are Restarting

Opinion has been quiet with Opinion the past couple months. Where has it been?

We are always honest about the brand and the journey that we have been on with it. So here’s the tea.

We want to start off by saying that these are goals of ours, they may or may not be achieved, we are not promising anything, but we are letting you in on what our vision is and the mistakes we have made are.

The past five years we have made the mistake of thinking we could create and design clothes and people would just understand the meaning of Opinion. The mission behind this brand is so powerful, and is the whole reason this brand was started, but we have done a terrible job of combining the clothes and the mission together as one.

With that being said here is what we are going to change. The clothing itself. You will see more meaning in the designs that align with our mission as a whole and we are so excited to start fresh and implement this into our clothes.

Like we said, we got way to consumed by the actual style of clothing and then slapped our logo on it and expected it to sell. We were trying to become a big brand before even doing the brand building side of things.

Sizing. We want to really take time when it comes to sizing charts for every piece of clothing. The goal is for people to understand what size they wear when it comes to Opinion. Not sure if we are going to continue to do cut and sew or use blanks and print directly on them, but either way, we will have sizing charts available for every piece that we put out from now on.

Marketing. It goes back to telling the story. When it comes to clothes, we thought throwing it on a model would be good enough, but there has to be a meaning behind each shot. We don’t know specifically how we will capture this, but it will be a fun learning experience and we know for sure that we will have more studio shoots that highlight the clothes and the details that go into them along with streetstyle shots as well.

There are a lot of mistakes that were talked about so here is a positive to end with. We are proud that we have never given up. This industry is hard and we have spent the past 5 years learning the game, meeting people, and building a brand, but it’s time to really do it right. We are nervous as hell but also excited for this change and hope you all are too.