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TikTok Tutorial

For the past 3 years, I made a decision to really try to grow a following for this brand on TikTok. Over the past three years, I saw how beneficial TikTok can be to literally anyone and everyone. For small businesses, it can be such a great attribute because you have the chance to go viral with any video, and it’s completely free. Here is the layout I found helps to have your videos do well and potentially go viral.

Find Your Niche or Relatability

TikTok LOVES when a video is watched all the way through, the link is copied, and the video is shared. So the goal is to have all three of those things be done. By doing that, you want to put up a video that people can relate to, and after watching it, they feel someone else they know can relate to it enough so that they send that TikTok to them. I found that these categories are seen to be shared the most.

  • Comedic TikToks
  • Business tips and informational TikToks
  • Relationship, Dating, Single Life TikToks
  • Animal-Related (Dogs, Cats, Etc)

The 7-Second Trick

I have heard about this on TikTok but had not tried it until a week ago and it actually works. You post a time-lapse or a satisfying video that is seven seconds. You put a relatable sound or emotional sound on the video, and then an inspirational or relatable quote on the video as well. I’m not sure why, but these videos always do well for me, nothing has gone crazy viral, but it seems to catch the algorithm because the whole video is always watched, or if they couldn’t read the full quote in 7 seconds, they watch it again to finish what they read so it’s double the views.

Create Your Own Sound

This is something that I have never done, but know that this can be a vital way to go from 0-viral in days. You have the opportunity to put a sound behind your video, and you can use sounds that are already uploaded, or you can create a video that people can use that sound from your video to put on theirs. So think “damn daniel” or “what are those” videos, those sounds now can be used and are being used by millions of people and all come from your one video. This angle is harder to perfect because it’s more by chance, but if it happens, your video will go insane.


When posting a video, if it’s possible, pick a song that has a beat drop where your video has transitions, or your video has one major transition Ex: (golf swing the beat drops the second the ball is hit). These types of videos are usually watched multiple times because they are pleasing to the eye and ears so the views will be up and have a better chance of catching the algorithm.

Your First Videos

If you’re brand new to TikTok, your first or second video will always do super well, so I encourage first-timers to have their first couple videos be super special and very relatable because TikTok wants to hook you, and by having your first videos do super well, you’re now hooked on making more. These are all things that I have personally seen, I’m not saying do this and you will 100% go viral, but these will NOT hurt your chances I know that for sure.