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Setting New Goals

Today I watched the newest video that was put up on Yes Theory's channel, and it was titled, "Deleting Social Media For 30 Days". 

Though I'm not deleting social media for 30 days, because that's how I do my job, the video inspired me to start setting some new goals and try new things.

I turned on something called screen time on my phone, which tracks that amount of time that you spend on your phone and certain social media platforms. I have never heard of this, and to be honest, I am glad because I think I would be ashamed of how much time I spend on social media. I want to try to use my spare time to do more productive things than just sit on my phone and scroll, and I think turning on screen time will hold me accountable for that. 

In the Yes Theory video they talk about trying things you've always wanted to try. With that being said, although this isn't new to me, I want to start skateboarding again. I use to skateboard every single day from 9-5 until my neighbors would call over to my mom and ask her to tell me to stop skateboarding because it was too loud. I have always wanted to get back into because it was such a passion of mine, but just never have. So this summer, I'm setting the goal to get back on the board. I know that I'm going to suck, but everyone has to start somewhere and it will be super fun to progress.

Lastly, I want to start eating healthier on the weekends. I eat pretty healthily during the week, but I have made it a bad habit to eat whatever I want on the weekends which in my mind, cancels out eating healthy during the week. 

I know these are all personal things that I want to do for myself, but I hope you reading this will inspire you to do something you've been meaning to try. Make a list and get after it!

Here is the link to the Yes Theory video: