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Opinion Highlight - Anders Hofman

Welcome to the Opinion Highlight, where we share the story of someone that we think embodies the mission of Opinion.

Meet Anders Hofman. Anders is the first person in the world to finish a full ironman in Antartica.

When Anders had this idea, almost everyone told him that it was both impossible to even try, let alone finish.

Along with the actual physical demands for completing this feat, the logistics of organizing an Ironman in Antarctica were daunting, to say the least. Anders had to navigate through bureaucratic hurdles, secure permits, and assemble a team of experts to ensure his safety in such harsh conditions. But for Anders, the allure of testing his limits in this pristine wilderness was too powerful to ignore.

Anders went through vigorous training and hours and hours of zoom calls to try to retain sponsors for this dream to become reality.

Of course, sponsors told him that it wasn’t possible, until Yes Theory got wind of his story and decided to bring him on as the first Yes Theory Athlete and cover his fees to make this possible.

Anders finished the race in 72:54:09 hours.

What is even cooler, is Anders now has the goal to play professional soccer at the age of 30 because that has always been his dream.

Anders, thank you for showing the world that impossible is just an opinion.