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My Favorite Brands and Designers

I wanted to share today who I follow when it comes to my favorite brands and designers. I have more than this, but I wanted to share my favorites with you all. These are in no specific order.


Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon is one of the Co-Founders of Round Two but he also took the world by storm when he won the Air Max 97’ competition and his shoe design took the world by storm. When the shoe came out, I immediately fell in love with his ability to put certain colorways together to create super unique pieces yet super wearable. He takes a lot of time on every piece and makes it very unique and that’s something I really admire when it comes to clothing and apparel.



If you don’t know who this is from the name, this is the designer of Justin Bieber’s clothing brand Drew House. I wasn’t really a fan of Drew House until I started seeing tons of cartoonish animal designs that were being pumped out and I decided to look up who it was who designed them and it lead me to him. He has such a unique look to his designs and I love the characters that he comes up with. Very excited to see what the future brings for him.



I have loved this brand for a while now. Stripes for some reason have always caught my eye and you can see that in our first ever t-shirt that we dropped which was the pink, white, and black striped shirt. GUESS always has super unique colorways and I love how each piece can be changed just by the thickness of the stripes. GUESS also was the reason we did our embossed t-shirt. I purchased a hoodie from GUESS that was an embossed logo on the front and it was my absolute favorite, I loved how you had to be up close to see the logo, and then when you could see it, you could actually feel it as well.



Even if he wasn’t famous I love his style so much. I’m a sucker for the cartoonish look, and he does that so well. I love how his style is super simplistic but you immediately know he did it just by the X’s as the eyes. He would also take bus stop ads and take them home, paint them to his liking and style, and then put them back in broad daylight. It’s things like that that really make me think of more creative ideas for Opinion and how to brand it as a company.