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I'm sorry

Today I had a meeting with someone who pointed out I was doing something completely wrong with Opinion, and I would like to discuss and also apologize for.
After I had told him what Opinion Clothing Company was, and what it stood for, he took a look at the Instagram and told me that he didn't see any of what I was explaining on the there.  He said when he looked at Opinion's Instagram page, it was all just pictures of people in the hoodies with captions that told people to go buy them. I was taken aback by such an upfront comment, but at this point, I knew this person was honest and had super beneficial information for me.
He went on to explain that I needed to take exactly what I had told him Opinion Clothing stood for, and show that on the Instagram account. He told me that the page right now is 99% sales, and isn't telling a story. I took a look and realized he was 100% right.
I would like to start off by saying sorry to anyone who follows Opinion's Instagram. I didn't mean for the Instagram account and Opinion in general, to be all about sales. I want this brand to be something that people can follow and be a part of. I got too caught up in selling the clothes instead of being an inspirational brand like I want it to be.
Of course, I will still be making new apparel, it's just that I'm not going to focus as much on promoting it and being a salesman of it.  I am starting a Person Of The Month to highlight a person who I think has an awesome story that should be heard by everyone that follows Opinion, and I think that will be a super fun project. I also just want to post more content on Instagram that has to do with the voice of Opinion and what it stands for as a brand.
I don't say it enough but thank you to everyone who has followed me and Opinion throughout the year, and I'm sorry I got caught up in the sales of things. This won't be a new Opinion Clothing Company, just an improved one.