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This morning I was thinking about all the people that I have met since I started Opinion. I have been connecting with people who understand what my goals and vision for Opinion is, and it's awesome to see. I also have been learning things I need to improve on and things I need to learn even more about.
I also realized that I need to start to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting people. It's so easy to meet people over Instagram and social media, but I need to meet people face to face, which is something that gives me some anxiety, but I need to suck it up, because part of this journey is learning to run my own business but to also get out of my comfort zone and do things that I normally try to stray away from.
Thought I would update you on some things that I have learned these past few months. Cut and sew pieces take a long time to create. Me being new to clothing, I thought that it would be about a week or so and the sample would be in my hand. When it comes to cut and sew, each piece is individually made, so they need the time to get all the right materials, and then the time to create the piece. So the process to get my first sample was about a month, and then once I get the sample correct, I'll go into bulk production which will take about another month to create. I want these clothes to be special, and not just cheap material.
I also learned not to be scared to reach out for help. Like I keep saying, I'm new to this, but doing my own research is only going to get me so far, so I have decided to reach out to people with photography, design, and clothing experience. I've received nothing but love and support from the people I have reached out to and can't thank them enough.
I also have learned to stop promising people dates when I don't even know myself when the second launch will be. I just get too excited and hope to have a date in mind and then tell people that. I hate letting people down and I have been doing that too much by saying things will be ready when they aren't.
The Opinion skyline shirt is still in the works to look perfect, and I'll keep you updated on that. I also am working on a hoodie and hope to get into joggers in the future as well! I am getting addicted to coming up with new designs and pieces every day. This process is so fun and also stressful at the same time.
Thanks for the support, love, and patience with Opinion.