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Donating All Beanie Profits To This Family

One thing I do with Opinion is every single night I go through Instagram and like and comment on pictures with the hashtag Minneapolis. I have found this to be super fun because I meet so many new people and I get to see so many creative minds while also building the brand.

A couple weeks ago, I came across a picture that really made me stop in my tracks. It was a picture of a young woman and her son, and I could tell that they were in the hospital. As I clicked on her profile I learned a small amount of the long journey that they have been on and are currently going through.

I soon learned the profile belongs to Kelsey Vasquez, and the adorable boy in the picture is her son Eli who was diagnosed with MSP1 which is a rare genetic disease that breaks down your bones, organs, and brain. Kelsey, her husband, and daughter came to Minnesota from California to be at Children's Hospital. Eli has the most severe form of MSP1, which is known as Hurlers syndrome. The life expectancy untreated is less than 10 years. They will be spending up to 6 months at University of Minnesota Medical Center, where he will receive enzyme effusion and a bone marrow transplant that will allow for, if successful, a longer and better quality of life! 

Like I said the Vasqeuz family has a daughter named Olivia and she is 4 years old. She is the one who donated her bone marrow to her little brother. She is such a warrior and just from pictures she gives off such a positive vibe and I can tell how much her brother means to her.

I contacted Kelsey and asked if I could send two beanies to them and a gift card to Bacio for a free brunch, she said yes and I was so happy to help out, but I still felt like I could do more.

I came across their go fund me page and saw the amount they are trying to raise, and I can’t imagine the burden that holds on them. So today I have decided to give 100% of the profit that the beanies make and donate that to the Vasquez family! This is the reason I started Opinion, I want to help others. I’ve been so caught up in breaking even and making sure that we are making money, that I lost sight of why I started this company in the first place! Share this with as many people as you can! If you don’t want a beanie, here is a link to their go fund me! If you don’t have the financials to donate, feel free to send positive vibes and prayers to Kelsey’s Instagram where you can stay updated on the journey!

Go Fund Me :

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