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Adopting A Pitbull

If you don't know from my abundance of instagram stories and snapchats, I adopted a rescue pit bull May 31st. I named the little potato head Gus, which is short for Gustavus. It had been a dream of mine since I was little to adopt a pitbull. I was so drawn to their kindness, their snuggles, and those FAT heads. I was also drawn to them because of what they were assumed to be. Sadly, one of the first things that comes to mind when you say pit bull, is attacking, aggressive, and fighting, but the truth is, that's not who they are. 

Now you might be reading this thinking that this has nothing to do with clothing, and you're right, but Opinion isn't just about clothes. It's about having the power to listen to what you want to hear, and with having a pit bull, I hear both sides. I have had so many people voice their opinions about me getting a pit bull. Some people I know, some people are complete strangers, some say the nicest things about Gus, while some people say the rudest things. When getting Gus, I knew that these things would happen, and I was thinking about how it connects with people trying new things or trying to accomplish goals. No matter what, you're going to hear both sides, but you control what you let affect you. When it comes to Gus, I gladly thank people when they say Gus is gorgeous, and he has the cutest little white socks. When people say that they don't want him near them, or that he's vicious, I kindly respect them and know that they are just missing out on meeting one of the coolest dogs in the world.

 I also would like to talk about a few things about pit bulls.

1.) They DO NOT have locking jaws. Pit bulls have the same jaw structure of any other dog.

2.) Pit bulls are not aggressive. Just like any other dog, how you raise them is how they will turn out. Yes pit bulls are powerfull dogs, they are strong and muscular, but that does not mean they are aggressive or viscous.

Those are the two things that people ask me the most, and I just wanted to clear up the air about.  

So with that being said, I know who Gus is. I know the dog he is, and I know that he knows too. We aren't letting anyones negativity or false views of him get in our way of happiness. Gus, you're the best dog in the world. Thanks for being you.