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I'm not giving to charity this Opinion launch

The main goal when I started Opinion Clothing Company was to give back. My first launch I gave to The Treehouse Foundation, and it was one of the best feelings ever to not only see people buy my product but that I could give back with the money that was made from selling that product. I recently have accepted and started a job at Skol Marketing, that being said, I now have a steady income so I can restart Opinion. I recently had to sit myself down and realize that if I keep giving the proceeds away to charity this early in the process, I will never be able to grow this company, I will actually be driving it into...

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Update On My Clothing Company

So if you don't know, about two and a half weeks ago, I made the decision to start my own clothing company. These past two and a half weeks have been nothing but amazing learning experiences and studying the art of creating your own business. I realized that I found myself wanting to do something, but never wanted to put in the full effort to actually make it happen. This clothing company is the end of wanting to do something and the start of actually doing it. I want to give you all an update on where I'm at in this journey, because I think something companies don't do enough is be honest and upfront with their audience. Currently, the prototypes are being...

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I'm sorry

Today I had a meeting with someone who pointed out I was doing something completely wrong with Opinion, and I would like to discuss and also apologize for.   After I had told him what Opinion Clothing Company was, and what it stood for, he took a look at the Instagram and told me that he didn't see any of what I was explaining on the there.  He said when he looked at Opinion's Instagram page, it was all just pictures of people in the hoodies with captions that told people to go buy them. I was taken aback by such an upfront comment, but at this point, I knew this person was honest and had super beneficial information for...

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