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Why I Enjoy Opinion

Happiness is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, and Opinion brings on a lot of work and stress, but it also brings me so much happiness and growth as a person. Here’s what makes it so worth it.

Creative Getaway: I’m a person who is ALWAYS thinking, and sometimes that can be a bad thing and can feed into my anxiety, but Opinion has helped so much. I am constantly thinking about what next piece I can bring to life, I pay attention to what people wear, what's popular right now, and then combine that with the ideas that I have in my head.

Meeting New People: I’ve said this before, but part of me starting Opinion was me knowing I would have to get out and meet people and I’m NOT good at doing that. I knew that I would have to step out of my comfort zone and meet people if I wanted this brand to grow. I’m still not good at it, but I have been improving and a lot of what has happened in the past 6 months wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t put myself out there and network.

A Rush: Owning a clothing brand gives me a rush. Coming up with an idea, getting samples, fixing mistakes, ordering bulk, shooting content, and then finally getting to put it online to sell is such an amazing feeling. It can be stressful because so much money goes into it not knowing if you’re going to make it back, but when you see something you created from an idea go out into the world, it’s the best feeling.

You Get What You Put In: When owning a clothing brand, and a lot of other aspects of life, you get what you put into it, and that makes me work harder. I don’t like having downtime because I know that I can be using that time to do Opinion work.

You Never Know: I’m always one day away from blowing up and that is what I think about every single day. We have so many platforms to help get our ideas and brands out to the world that it could literally take one day for things to completely change. I definitely don’t bank on that happening, but it’s always a thought.

Style: When I create a piece, I think about it with a specific outfit, but what makes me so happy and inspired is the array of outfits and ways people wear out clothes. You can style the same shirt a million ways, it just depends on who you are and I think that’s so cool!