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Why Did I Start Opinion?

Why did I start Opinion?


I get this question a ton and thought I would get down to the main details of why I started this brand out of nowhere.


 1.) Out of college, I wanted to find a job in advertising, and my mind was set on that. I interviewed at tons of places but never was given a job. I would get SO upset when I got denied, thinking it was something I did wrong, and to add to the anger of being denied, my parents and I would butt heads about how I needed to find a job even if it wasn’t the one I wanted. I came to the conclusion that all these no’s that I was receiving were just because these people didn’t like what they saw about me on a piece of paper and 30-minute interaction with me. They are entitled to their opinion, but I needed to stop allowing such a small thing to affect me so largely.


 2.) The night that I bought the domain for opinion, for some reason I was thinking about how much I loved skateboarding when I was younger. I would skate every day for 8 hours in our driveway or at the skatepark because I loved the feeling of progress and taking a new trick down. I remember being told constantly that I wasn’t good, and after being told that so many times I started to believe it, and I ended up stopping. That night I looked back and realized I literally stopped doing something that I loved to do just because of the opinion of someone, it was time to stop living like that.


 3.) I have always wanted to be a counselor. I grew up with anxiety and depression and my high school counselor was a life savor for me. School for me wasn’t really my strong point and I knew I didn’t want to do anymore school after college, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to be able to talk and help people out with the problems they are having in life about being judged or caring too much about what others think about them. I have had some amazing conversations with people because I started this brand, and it’s one of the main reasons I started it.


 4.) I love fashion and streetwear. I have terrible style, but I think I understand trends and what is happening in the world of clothing and I wanted to be able to take a stab at it with a brand that had a lot of meaning to me and designs that weren’t already being done.


 4.) I wanted a challenge. It was a love-hate relationship with knowing that I was trying something that I had never tried and didn’t really know anything about, but it has taught me to grind, to take failures as learning experiences, and has helped me get out of my shell and become more social as a person.


So those are some of the main points of why I started this brand, I can’t narrow it down to just one when I get asked the question of “Why did you start Opinion”.