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What's Next

Opinion has been running for just over two years now, so what’s next, what are our goals?

Our first goal is to come out with more clothes than last year. We are now comfortable with how long it takes to get a sample and a full order so we have learned to plan ahead better. In the future, we want to have specific drops for specific seasons, but we are currently not at the financial comfortability to do that yet.

We also want to collaborate with more brands and are happy to say that we are already in the works of collaborating with a company we have always wanted to make a piece with, you will all just have to wait and see!

It has always been the plan to have a separate men's and women's side to the company, and this year, we want to make that more prominent. In doing this, the style and sizing will be more accurate and the flow of the website to be easier to find products according to gender. 

Lastly is getting a team together. We would love to have a designer who could make the ideas of Opinion come to life and also add his or her own style to the brand of Opinion.

For now, those are the goals that we have that can be put out in public. We, of course, have lots of goals that we personally want to reach this year as well, we just can’t share those yet.

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