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What I Haven't Been Telling You

If you have been following Opinion for a while, I have mentioned how my goal was to be as transparent as possible with whoever is following me on this journey. Today I want to talk about a couple things that I haven’t been hiding, I’ve just never posted about it publicly.

The first thing I would like to address is that this is not my full time job. I guess I never even thought of bringing this up, but I have a full-time job at a company called Skol Marketing, where I am a Social Media Coordinator. I work there from 9-4 and then come home and work on Opinion with any other time that I have. Sometimes I come home and I don’t have much to do, but most days I’m working on new designs, updating the website, being active on social media, and trying to overall grow the brand. I also am the only person running Opinion. I have no employees. I have had people help me with various things (mostly design) , but when it comes to the website, social media, logo, design ideas, that’s all me.

The second topic I would like to address is how Opinion is actually doing. The brand itself is growing every single day, and in a year I am proud of where it’s at, but i’m not satisfied. I want this brand to be huge, I not only want the message to reach as many people as possible, but I want to release clothes that people love to wear. 

When it comes to sales, Opinion is actually doing below average. Since I am so small, and I order in quantities that are small, the pricing to buy the clothing is pretty expensive, and I want these clothes to be worn, so I’m not going to charge an insane amount of money just so I can make a profit. I’ll come out and say it, I’m actually in debt right now when it comes to revenue. I know that will come with time, but I need to make it clear that starting a clothing line/company is NOT easy, and I don’t want people to think that I’m making a bunch of money when I actually haven’t made any yet. I know I could easily just put a logo on a shirt and sell it to make a quick buck, but I didn’t, and I hope that the quality and attention to detail in each piece shows that’s not what Opinion is.

As for the future of Opinion, the sky's the limit. I would love to come out with separate guys and girls sections of the brand, but I am not financially where I want to be to make that leap, because that is double the amount of product, but trust me, I hear all of your suggestions and I don’t take those for granted. 

So yeah that’s about all I have for right now, just wanted to give a quick update. Thank you to anyone and everyone who is supporting me through this journey! 

You Are Your Biggest Critic.