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We Sold Part Of The Company

Last week a major step was made for Opinion Clothing. We had an interested investor approach us who not only sees a bright future for Opinion but can bring assets to Opinion that can help us grow tremendously. We discussed an offer that I could not turn down, and we sealed the deal. So what does this mean for Opinion moving forward?


For the past three years, I have been running Opinion by myself. When starting this brand, I knew that doing it completely by myself was something that couldn’t last if I wanted to take this brand to the next level. I made sure to meet as many people over the past three years as possible, learn what it takes to really run a brand that can be sustainable, and most importantly, surround myself with people that understand this industry and what it takes for a brand to be successful in the long run.


I want to make it clear, I still have full control of this company. I have all creative control when it comes to designs, what we release, what content we put out, and what our website will look like. Where I needed help was cash flow. You have to spend money to make money in this industry, and if I’m being honest, I don’t have the cash to put out the number of ideas I have for this company.


With that being said, the only thing that is going to change will be the number of products and the amount of each product we will be able to release now. I have our fall and winter lines already planned and will enter sample production for those soon. For any products that do well, we will now be able to reorder a higher quantity of that product. A higher-order quantity will also allow us to have more size options as well.


Trust me, I’m still very new to all of this, so I have a lot of questions as well, but all I know is that Opinion is going up and I can’t wait to see just how high it goes. Thanks for your constant support.


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