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Update On My Clothing Company

So if you don't know, about two and a half weeks ago, I made the decision to start my own clothing company. These past two and a half weeks have been nothing but amazing learning experiences and studying the art of creating your own business. I realized that I found myself wanting to do something, but never wanted to put in the full effort to actually make it happen. This clothing company is the end of wanting to do something and the start of actually doing it.
I want to give you all an update on where I'm at in this journey, because I think something companies don't do enough is be honest and upfront with their audience. Currently, the prototypes are being ordered and printed. Once I get those in hand, I will take pictures of the product for the website and send the prototype hoodies out to ambassadors who will help promote it. 
Once the prototypes reach the ambassadors and the website is all done, a launch date will be set. I am shooting for sometime in mid-March if everything runs smooth. I have decided that the charity of choice will be Treehouse Youth Outreach Program. I will be giving $5 from every order to them. Treehouse is a youth outreach program that helps mentor troubled and at-risk teens. Being a teenager is hard, and having someone to talk to and mentor you is something I think is very important at that time of your life.
As for the future clothing drops, I want to change the charity every new line I come out with. I have some in mind but am more than willing to learn more about other charities people have in mind if they want to share.
I also would like to take a second to say how surprised I was with how many people were willing to help me out with this company. I did reach out to people to help, but I also had people approach me telling me they would help me out if I needed it, and I can't thank you enough.
So this is really happening, and I know it won't go exactly as planned because nothing ever goes 100% the way you planned, but I'm ready to roll with the punches. All I ask is for you to be patient, and follow Opinionclothing on Instagram for more updates.
Thanks for joining me on this journey.