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The Change I Want To See Opinion Make.

It might just be in my own head, but I feel like the meaning of Opinion is straying away from what we want this brand to mean, so to clarify even further, this is what Opinion means to me and this brand as a whole.

I get the feeling that some people think that this clothing brand means to not even listen to anyone else's opinion and only care about yours. I want to be clear, that is NOT what this brand is about. We encourage you to listen to other peoples opinions, but make a decision if you're going to let that affect you or not.

Everyone in this world HAS an opinion and everyone in this world has the RIGHT to have their own opinion. With that being said, we want to emphasize that you are the only person that can let other peoples Opinions affect you. If you're wearing an outfit that YOU think looks good, then it looks good! If someone tells you that it looks bad, then let them think that, but if YOU think it looks good, then that's all that matters!

Now this can relate to anything in life, from politics, to sports, to job careers, to clothing etc. Everything you do will attract different opinions from everyone, but we want you to make decisions based off of what YOU want to do, and not what you EXPECT other people to think of you.

I made Opinion because I realized that I had been living my life based off of what I thought other people would think of me, and I was tired of it. I hope that this brand shows you that you can do the same.