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Is Opinion a team or is it just me?

A question that I get a lot, is if there is a team working for me. The answer to that question is both yes and no. I do almost everything by myself with Opinion, but the people that do help me have been amazing and this company wouldn't be what it is without them.

I do mainly everything for Opinion. I run all the social media, I created and update the website, I come up with all the ideas for the clothes, I keep track of all the financials, and even do a little of the designing.

When it comes to photography, my main photographer is Bobby Perez, also known as (bpstreetphotography) on Instagram. I found Bobby by joining a group on Facebook called Midwest Photographer and Model Collaboration. I posted a message on their asking for some help with photography for Opinion and tons of people replied, but for some reason, his work stood out to me. I would like to make it clear that Bobby does all this stuff while he works a full-time job, has a family, and also runs in the morning. This man is a beast!! Give his Instagram a follow for some awesome content and just an overall great person. I've also had the chance to collaborate with other photographers and their work is also amazing!

When it comes to designing, I've gotten some help. The Cherry and Spoon hoodie was all thought up by me, but I'll be honest, that design wasn't my first choice. I originally wanted to do Opinion with the first O being the cherry and spoon, but I got help from Jacqueline Kysil (Jacqueline_forostyuk) on Instagram, who drew up a sketch of the logo that you now see on the hoodies. She also was the one that told me to join the Midwest Photographer and Model Collaboration group on Facebook!

I didn't know how to design the Cherry and Spoon logo either, so I was connected to a guy named Seth Klein (Sloththeseth) on Insta, who took the drawing that Jacqueline did, and took the drawing and designed that on a computer. Without those two, the Cherry and Spoon hoodies wouldn't have come to life.

The purpose of this blog is to show that a lot goes behind the scenes and without the help of others this company wouldn't be what it is today, so I would like to say thank you so much!