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Increase Traction Using Snapchat

I use snapchat a lot to promote Opinion and I get a lot of traction from it. I helped a friend out with how I do it, and thought why not share it with everyone.

So if you don’t know, Instagram has a swipe up option on their stories, but you can’t do that unless you have 10k followers. Snapchat has the same swipe up ability, but doesn’t require a certain amount of friends or followers to do it. Here’s how it works!

Open up your snapchat and press the camera roll option which is to the left of the circle button.

After that you want to select the photo or video that you would like to have on your story. Once you click the picture or video, you tap and hold until the options come up like this.

Click edit photo. (If the photo auto fills too large on the screen, go to camera roll, screenshot the picture, don’t crop any of the screenshot, then go back and use that picture)

When you have the picture or video set up like you want, then click the close pin button and type in the URL that you want.

Then you can click add to story and that’s it! You now have a story that will give the person the option to swipe up and be taken to the URL of your choice. Make sure to type a message that says “swipe up” and then include a short description of whatever it is you’re promoting!

Hope this helps!