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I'm not giving to charity this Opinion launch

The main goal when I started Opinion Clothing Company was to give back. My first launch I gave to The Treehouse Foundation, and it was one of the best feelings ever to not only see people buy my product but that I could give back with the money that was made from selling that product.
I recently have accepted and started a job at Skol Marketing, that being said, I now have a steady income so I can restart Opinion. I recently had to sit myself down and realize that if I keep giving the proceeds away to charity this early in the process, I will never be able to grow this company, I will actually be driving it into the ground. I'm by no means saying I'm never giving back to charity, I'm just making the decision to put the money I make back into the company so I can grow it to a point where I can give back the amount of money I really dream of giving. I wanna be able to make big changes in charities and peoples lives. It's a hard to pill to swallow not giving back to charity, but I need to look at it from the long-term point of view and shoot for the goal to give back in a bigger way once I'm at a comfortable spot. Thank you for your patience with Opinion and let the journey begin.