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How We Got On The News

Last Thursday I had the privilege to go on air with WCCO Channel 4 News to share the story of Opinion, how it started, and the vision behind the brand. A got a lot of people asking me “how did you get that to happen”? So I thought that I would explain how.

I don’t exactly remember how long ago, but Jason Derusha, one of the morning news anchors at WCCO, followed our account on Instagram. Later on, after we had dropped our women’s leggings, I got a notification that someone had made an order, and saw that it was him! I sent off the order and made sure to DM him thanking him for the order and if he had any questions about the brand to feel free to ask. I also snuck in that if possible, I would love to come on the news and talk about the brand and it’s story.

I want to go off on a side note here and talk shortly about how since I started Opinion, I have had to learn how to be comfortable asking. I have never been good at it and to be honest I never have liked having to do it, but when starting a company, you need all the help you can get, and if you don’t ask, you will most likely never receive the help you desire.

Jason DM’d me back quickly and told me to send him an email with our full story and that he would see what he could do. Two days later I recieved an email 5 days later asking if I would like to come on and share our story.

The moral of the story is that if you don’t ask the answer is always going to be no. 

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