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How We Came Up With The Name Opinion

I get asked all the time "How did you come up with the name for Opinion"

So I thought I would answer to the best of my ability.

I went to Gustavus Adolphus and graduated in 2017. I fell in love with the thought of working at an ad agency. I love to create, tell stories, and grasp the customer by doing so.

Gustavus at the time didn't have a marketing major or minor, so I knew it would be tough to land a job out of college with no actual proof of marketing/advertising credibility.

After graduating I wanted to land an internship or entry-level job, so for the next year, I applied to what felt like every single ad agency in MN.

I had countless interviews, but they all came back with the same answer. "we thank you for your interview but we have decided to move forward with someone with more experience"
After a year of being told no, I was at a very low point in my life. Working as a host at a restaurant, and living at home, I knew that it was time to take the "no experience" into my own hands.

I have always wanted to start a brand but knew that I wanted to have something that I was passionate about and knew people could resonate with as well.

Up late one night, I was deep in thought about how I was letting the opinions of others dictate not only my happiness but what I thought I was capable of.

I looked back into my past and realized there were so many things that I wish I would've done, but didn't because I was scared of being judged or made fun of.

With all this information, the one word that stuck out to me was Opinion. I was living in fear of the opinions of others and noticed that I knew that I couldn't be the only one feeling this way.

At that moment I knew I had the name and an endless amount of meaning and mission behind that one word.

I had NO experience in clothing but knew if I had a mission I believed in, the rest could be learned.

So that is the story of how the name Opinion came to be.

I want this brand to be an outlet for people to truly be who they are and not be afraid. We live in a world where the fear of being judged alters people's decisions and leads them to not be who they really are, and we want to change that.

"You are your biggest critic"