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How and Why You Should Use TikTok To Promote You Or Your Brand

Today’s topic is TikTok, yes, the app that most people associate with teens doing cringy dance videos hoping they could go viral, but you know what’s funny? Every video DOES have the chance to go viral.

I follow an entrepreneur name Gary Vaynerchuk who said that anyone who has a brand or is trying to create a following for themself, to get on TikTok and post as much as possible. I never really believed him until I downloaded TikTok and saw tons of clothing brands blowing up because their TikTok was doing well. I decided to download the app and take stab at it. We have had two TikToks do well, and here are some tips that I have learned so far.


  • Use text or voice-over in your TikTok. In my opinion, if I’m not grabbed in the first 2 seconds of a TikTok, then I keep scrolling. I find myself watching the full video when they have text along with the video explaining the beginning of the story or what the video will be about.


  • Use the viral music button. When you click the sounds button, go to the more, then click the TikTok Viral playlist and you will see all the songs that are currently associated with viral TikToks. I have found that using these songs brings more traction to your videos.


  • The title doesn’t matter very much. This goes back to the first tip of using text or voiceover. At least for me, I never really read the title of the TikToks I watch, they usually explain themself.


  • Use hashtags. I know some people say don’t use them and some people say do, but from my experience, I have always used them. If you press hashtag, a list of the hottest and most liked hashtags will show up, USE THOSE, even if it doesn’t have to do with your video, then the rest of the hashtags should be based around the video you made.


Post anything you think of. I have spent so long on some TikToks that got 100 views, and I got 100K on one that took 5 minutes. You can really never know when it comes to TikTok.

We still don’t get a ton of views on our TikToks, but you’re always one away from going viral or having one do super well. If you have the idea, make it.