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Have I Always Wanted To Be An Entrepreneur?

Today I was getting my haircut by my long time Barber Dutch (@dutch_cutz) and he asked me “what made you start opinion, how did you know you wanted to do it at that exact time”?
I get this question a lot, but the way he phrased it made me think of it way differently. I realized that it hasn’t always been a dream of mine to own my own clothing brand and that it was never the plan to be an entrepreneur, it all just sort of happened.
I remember always thinking it would be cool to start my own brand, but never had the name or the actual idea to start it. When I say one night I decided to start Opinion, I mean it. I was up late as hell one night, tired, and my mind was racing with ideas and I just happened to be in a time in my life where peoples opinion’s were deciding my life and I wasn’t having it anymore. I had the name finally and that’s when I fell in love with creating pieces that not only looked cool but had meaning behind them.
My point is that you don’t have to always plan on becoming something ahead of time, things sometimes just happen and you act on it.
I’m a Business Management Major, so I had no experience in the clothing industry at all, but the world we live in now gives you the opportunity to research and learn on your own. So if you have an idea or what to try something, there’s plenty of resources you can use for free to learn.